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March 03 2012


Fit And Fabulous In the Bandeau Tankini

I have found one of the most fabulous summer beachwear. It’s referred to as bandeau tankini and it’s the most innovative way to look gorgeous and slim concurrently. And possess no fear, if you’re pregnant, or overweight, the special moment is useful for you as well. The bandeau tankini, the industry mixture of a bandeau and bikini, will take care of you in which you need covering, while promoting your most trendy asset - you!

I began my look for the most gorgeous bikini the other day. I looked over full coverage suits, teeny bikinis and even retro 2 pieces. But alas, I discovered one of the most seductive look that allows you to tan while removing any bikini line problems that may arise. That’s since the bandeau tankini doesn’t provide you with bikini lines. Problem solved.

My buddy Marsha is 4 months pregnant. She informed me she gets unattractive and high. We shopped around as she and her husband are likely to a resort. Sherrrd like to attractive with her man but feels nervous. I shared with her about my find, the bandeau tankini. She found one she liked made of 80% stretch nylon and 20% lycra. She's great. It covers her up while letting her curves stand out.

My other friend Donna is really a doctor. Very buttoned up in the daytime but a wild woman at night. She’s going to a singles getaway in the Bahamas. Donna is quite sexy but very tall and certain swimwear make her appear to be a huge. I gave her my advice, and I’m sure do you know what I shared with her. She brought a beautiful, silky bandeau tankini in red with gold stripes. She looks gorgeous as always.

bandeau tankini

What about me, you ask? Well, I'm self-conscious about the beach. In the end, finding yourself in swimwear shows your every curve and unfortunately, every flaw. But I thought ahead. I needed swimwear that was slimming and feminine without making me feel like I had been naked. I set a financial budget too. I desired to spend $150 and acquire 2 swimsuits. The search began.

The most difficult thing for Marsha, Donna and any woman I believe, is attempting on swimwear in the dressing room. Possibly front of your mirror in the home. There’s something in regards to the lighting that contributes 20 pounds in your frame. And doesn’t the mirror accentuate every flaw? You can shop online, personally as well as on the phone. But the moment arrives and you also must test the fit. That’s hard part.

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